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QR taxibooker - The future of taxi booking

QR Taxibooker - A New Way to Book a Taxi

The easiest way to book a taxi from QR codes in your local venues just:


Scan the QR code with a QR code reader or your smart phones' camera.


Choose your destination, check ETA & price quote then add your details to Book.
We'll dispatch a vehicle to your location.


SMS updates, notifications & vehicle tracking will ensure you can remain safe & always know which taxi is yours.

QR booking codes are coming soon to venues near you! All you need to do to book a Taxi is Scan the QR code with your phone camera’s in-built code reader.

Enjoy all the convenience and features of an in-app booking, ETA, price quote, vehicle tracking & more without having to download an app for every Taxi firm.


If You Need Help, Get A Consultation


QR Booker Questions.

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Need For Some Help ?

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Call For Booking

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What is a QR Taxibooker?

QR Taxi Booker is the smart, cost-effective solution to dominating your area
increasing local bookings at busy bars, restaurants, hotels, reception desks, and more…

QR bookers come in all shapes and sizes from table-top tent cards, stands, posters, customisable by venue or taxi firm, our design software is fully flexible in helping make a visual impact. Where ever you see a booker in your local town, pubs, clubs, stations, hotels, receptions & businesses you can just scan book & go. 

Look out for QR bookers coming to businesses near you!

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